Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why I'm Mad At My Library Right Now

Okay, so my library seems to pay absolutely no attention to the teens who go there. I mean, I guess their young adult book section is okay, but they don't really do anything else for their teens other than a summer reading program (the one that I pretty much finished in about two weeks-easily). So, the other day when I was reading a post at GreenBean TeenQueen (this is a great blog-check it out) and I noticed she mentioned something about a teen council at her library, I immediately thought "I wonder if my library has anything like that." My library, of course, had nothing like that, but the library in the small town near us that's kind of connected to our library does.

Of course, that library that's in that small town (let's call it other library) is the one that I'm always jealous of. Sometimes I'll look online to see if my library has a book I want to read (this is usually right before I go to the library) and my library won't have it, but other library will. I looked at other library's website and the teen section of their website is way better than my library's. So, while my library's website is kind of lame, on other library's website you can actually find out whatever it is you want to know about the library. I learned who other library's teen librarian (the librarian in charge of the teen section) is but I don't even know if my library has a teen librarian.

So, now I'm wondering if the library card I have for my library will work at other library and my mom thinks it will. So, now I've just got to convince her that it will totally be worth it to drive the extra 15 minutes or so to other library.

Do any of you ever feel jealous of other libraries? What's your library like?


  1. We have a nice little library with a nice range of books. I'm happy with it. There's no council, but there's a big shelf for YA and helpful librarians. Good luck. :)

  2. Hey Katie, I just read your post about your library. I live in a very small town but we do have a library even though it really never has anything to read. The great thing about our library system here is that they have an inter library lending system. Patrons are able to log into their library website and choose books place a hold on them and they will be delivered to their local library. I have my fingers crossed for you that you can convince your mom to drive you to the other library.

  3. I am so lucky to have a great library. But my library growing up wasn't nearly as good, so I know what you mean. My library has a kids and a teens reading program and lots of good features.
    My new favorite thing is the Lucky U system. It keeps the most popular books on hand. You walk into the library and you can check out a book for 7 days where you would have to wait for months otherwise for it to come from hold. That's how I just read The Help. And before that Time Traveler's Wife and The Last Song.

  4. I come from a small town too, so our library's not the most up to speed. Luckily, I can request books from nearby libraries and have them sent to my library. Maybe yours does this too?
    Maybe you can convince your library to have a teen council too. Nothing major, maybe just have a group once a month that meets with the librarians to suggest books and ways to improve the YA section. If it works out, maybe it could develop into something bigger!
    Kerleisha @ Collegiate Bookworm

  5. Hey Katie!
    I feel your pain! I'm a teen/children's librarian for a small town library. I have two pcs. of advice for you. First-see if your library does Inter Library Loans-this is a system that allows libraries to borrow from one another all over the country. Because my book budget is so small I encourage all my teens to use this system. It's way faster then waiting for the library to buy it. Second-keep bugging them to add new updated titles to your library. I count on my teens to request, beg and bug the head librarian for books that they want. The requests mean more coming from the patrons.
    Hopefully your library will appreciate your interest and excitement.
    Good Luck!

  6. Thanks for the advice everyone!!