Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Review: Zan-Gah: A Prehistoric Adventure by Allan Richard Shickman

Synopsis from
The hero, Zan-Gah seeks his lost twin in a savage prehistoric world, encountering suffering, captivity, conflict, love, and triumph. In three years, Zan-Gah passes from an uncertain boyhood to a tried and proven manhood and a position of leadership among his people. Themes: survival, cultures, gender roles, psychological trauma, nature's wonders and terrors.
My Review:
Zan-Gah was definitely an interesting book. I loved how the prehistoric people were portrayed. At times, I felt I could really relate to the characters as if they weren't from the past, but from the same time as me. Sure, they had some problems that were a lot different than the ones we have today, but there were some that people still have. I love it when I can relate to characters from a book that takes place in the past in this way.

At first the book seemed kind of slow and I had a hard time getting into it. But, around the third chapter it got a lot better. It was really interesting to see how people might have lived in prehistoric times. This really is an action packed book, filled with somewhat surprising twists and turns and danger at every corner. Honestly, this book was way better than I thought it would be.

Although Zan-Gah wasn't amazing, it was still a pretty good book that I think a lot of people would enjoy. I definitely think it's worth reading if you like action and adventure books. I give it 6/10.

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